Our Services

Precise Pickup Service LLC provides fast and reliable transportation services to senior citizens and individuals who use wheelchairs, allowing them higher mobility. Unlike many others, our service is not confined to medical travels, but we also cater to destinations such as cinemas, churches, and concerts.
To make your experience worthwhile, we only work with professional drivers capable of handling every situation throughout the journey. Our drivers are regularly trained and are more than happy to take you out for a ride anywhere you want, including meetups, parks, and community support programs.
Our senior express services transportation program allows you to come out of home confinement and set aside your disability when traveling. We are dedicated to our work and provide exceptional support and care during the time you spend with us. Our vehicles have been designed with special needs in focus and provide a comfortable journey for people with the spinal cord and other injuries.
Our services include a variety of wheelchair accessible vehicles that benefit those who need transportation regularly. Book us today and enjoy a ride your first ride with our private transportation services exclusive for the disabled and those in need of senior care.

Mission Statement

To provide a much-needed and specialize service for the most underrepresented individuals in the community. By covering nearly all the essentials of wheelchair accessible transportation, we ensure that our company is doing its part to allow every individual to reach destinations quickly and safely.

Vision Statement

To ensure a just, open, and inclusive community where human rights, citizenship, contribution, and potential people with disabilities and immobility are respected and celebrated.