About Us

Since its inception, Precise Pickup Service LLC has been assisting people with disabilities and senior citizens with their special travel requirements. We specialize in disabled and senior transport services by providing them safe and reliable wheelchair access during the journey and helping them reach errands and medical appointments.

Our fleet’s loading capabilities and modern equipment allow quick and easy entry/exit in the vehicles. Our services include both wheelchair and ambulatory transportation to make traveling comfortable and hassle-free for everyone. People working with us have years of experience working in the senior citizen transportation services industry and ensure that your travel is comfortable and secure.

With everything we offer, providing exceptional customer service is always our top concern. That is why we provide quick customer hotline and support access, so you can easily inquire about scheduled pickups and drop-offs. We also offer transportation services for disabled seniors regarding events and community meetups, so they never feel confined to their houses.

At Precise Pickup Service LLC, we understand how much of a necessity our services are, which is why we are always equipped to deliver a quality experience and fast transportation service to our clients. Our company offers clients a multi-faceted wheelchair accessible transportation solution while ensuring that they reach their destination without worrying about their situation.