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We are a non-emergency pickup and transport services with the mission to help patients, and disabled individuals reach their destination easily and quickly, whether you need transportation for physical therapy, dialysis treatment, rehabilitation, chemotherapy, and medical appointments. We are your licensed and insured non-emergency pickup and transport services, provider.

We help seniors maintain their dignity, self-esteem, and independence by providing rides to grocery church, group outings, yoga, library, pharmacy, errands in general. Our team aims to assist senior citizens and veterans who can no longer operate a vehicle and find it hard to travel and strive to make them feel a part of a bigger community.
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Empowering the Immobile

We enable our senior-citizens to keep appointments, participate in activities, and engage in socialization through our reliable and quick transportation service. Our professionals help you attend places of your interest in well maintained and comfortable vehicles.

We always forvard on transportations
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They are my go-to service whenever I needed to travel. The drivers are very professional and provide a comfortable experience throughout the journeys

J. Brown

J. Brown


Due to my disability, it was very difficult to attend community function and events. Thanks to Precise Pickup, I can easily make my myself available at destinations within the required time.



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